Ticket zones and prices

ZoneT1– territory of the City of Košice.


No transfer allowed
Up to 4 stops - basic0,50

The ticket for up to 4 stops is not valid on night routes and on routes R1 – R8 and RA1 – RA8

Including any transfers
30 min./ basic0,60
60 min / basic0,70
24 hours / basic3,20
7 days / basic10,20
Luggage, animal0,60
TICKETS SOLD BY THE DRIVER ON BOARD – including transfers 
60 min. – basic and night route1,00
Luggage, animal1,00


Luggage > rectangular-shaped 30x40x60 cm, cylindrical 150xØ 20 cm, flat 5x80x100 cm

Up to a max dimension and weight:rectangular-shaped 45x55x100 cm,

                 cylindrical 200xØ 30 cm,                

                 flat 10x100x150 cm, 50 kg


Train station:customer service centre, window no. 9 in the foyer

      News kiosk in front of the station

                                    Ticket machines in front of the station

                                    Driver ticket sales – 1 ticket 1 €                                                


Airport:                      Ticket machines

                                    Driver ticket sales – 1 ticket 1 €                                                   


Námestie osloboditeľov(intersections of routes): 

- shop DPMK, a.s. Rooseveltova ul. (work days open from 7 am – 6.30 pm)

- kiosk DPMK, a.s. on Námestie osloboditeľov in front of the hotel Centrum

   (work days open from: 6.45 am – 11.40 am; 12.35 pm – 6.15 pm)

- ticket machines in front of OD Dargov, near the hotel Double Tree by Hilton;

- kiosk – newsstand in the OD Dargov building

- driver ticket sales – 1 ticket 1 €                                                                              


Multifunctional ticket machine for sales and topping up chip cards

a) machine gives change of up to 3 €

b) any further steps must be selected within a time limit of 50 seconds.



The price of the fine for travel without a valid ticket is the price of a basic paper ticket for 30 minutes valid for zone T1 bought in advance.

A traveller travelling without a valid ticket pays pursuant to the laws of the Slovak Republic and the valid price list of DPMK, a.s. the basic ticket price – ticket 0.60 € for 30 minutes plus a fine of 60 €. A traveller without a valid ticket is considered to be a traveller without a marked ticket or using a ticket of a value lower than the defined ticket price.

A traveller without a marked ticket for luggage or an animal at a price of 0.60 € pays a fine of 6.00 €.

The fine can be paid:

1. in the vehicle itself to the employee of the transport inspectors who issues a fine ticket as a document stating the amount of 60.60 €;

2. in cash in the cash desk of the transport inspectors of DPMK, a.s. on Rooseveltovej ul. no. 3 in Košice on the next working day, at the latest, however within 4 calendar days, on working days from 7am to 3.30 pm, except Mondays when it opens at 9 am.

Claims made against servicescan be made in writing to Dopravný podnik mesta Košice, akciová spoločnosť, Bardejovská 6, 043 29 Košice.


In the event of a faulty ticket machine, please contact the Central Dispatching Service – 24 hours a day on 055/6407 407, e-mail: automaty@dpmk.sk

                                                                                                                                                                                       Dopravný podnik mesta Košice, akciová spoločnosť

                                                               Košice Transport Company, plc (DPMK, a.s.)